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WWF Earth Hour 2023

10 March 2023

Earth Hour is taking place on Saturday 25th March between 20.30 and 21.30. During this time, people cities and communities from all over the world will join together to highlight the ongoing ecological dangers to our climate, our communities and our planet.

All over the globe, for one hour, lights will dim, power will be reduced, and a unified message of preservation will be sent. It is designed to highlight climate change and the need to act fast in preserving both nature and our way of life. This is the world's largest nature and climate protection campaign and aims to send a clear message to the world’s politicians.

The Grand Hotel Wien is once-again supporting WWF EARTH HOUR and we ask you to take just 60 minutes out of your day to support our living planet in any way you can.

During this hour, we will switch off our outdoor lighting and reduce the lighting in the restaurants to a minimum. Join us under romantic candlelight and be part of this worthy worldwide action.