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Homemade Grand Honey

29 December 2014

We are very proud to now sell the honey from our in-house bees!

In August and September Grand Hotel Wien has been home of a population and its queen - a population of homeless bees, caught by the fire fighters and given a new home by the Grand Hotel Wien. The bees have felt more than comfortable: the rich production volume of honey does not only supply the bee population, but also the Grand Hotel, its guests, and everyone who wants to taste this honey on the breakfast rolls.

More than 70.000 bees have been accommodated on the rooftop of Grand Hotel Wien. They will spend the winter at the bee keeping farm, under the surveillance of the Viennese beekeeper Felix Munk. It was the greatest honor to us, having contributed to the protection of bees - the bees have been kept according to biological guidelines, therefore the harvested honey is called "organic honey".

The Grand Honey is available at the Grand Hotel Wien, at the reception and in all of our restaurants, in glasses of 60 gram or 130 gram.