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From the Moselle to Rhein Hesse

2 April 2023

On 5th May 2023 you can once again enjoy a new culinary experience at the 1870 - Restaurant Terrace Lounge. On this day, in addition to the well-selected and perfectly matched wine accompaniment from the Moselle and Rhein Hesse growing regions, there will be a delicate dinner in the usual relaxed but exclusive atmosphere.

After the classic amuse bouche, you can expect a forgotten classic of Viennese cuisine. This is followed by a creamy asparagus soup, refined with a touch of tarragon. The asparagus comes fresh from the region and is prepared with love and care. Our intermediate dish consists of delicious alpine prawns, which harmonies perfectly with gyoza dumplings. The prawns are prepared with fine spices and herbs and served in a delicate sauce. For the main course, we opted for juicy flat iron steak, grilled to perfection and served with spicy green asparagus. The meat comes from animals raised in a species-appropriate manner and is rounded off with a hearty sauce.
Finally, we would like to present you with a royal dessert: fruity rhubarb and sweet raspberries, which harmonies perfectly with each other creatively presented.

Mr. Lengauer and his team focused on seasonality and regionality in their usual way and present the unique menu in a creative way, with the famous extra twist.

Of course, we would like to offer you the right wine accompaniment for each course and have chosen wines from the Moselle and Rhein Hesse regions, namely from the winegrowers Maximin-Grünhaus and the Kühling-Gillot winery. At the beginning of the unique menu, matching the first dish, we serve a Riesling-Kabinett " Herrenberg " from the winery Maximin-Grünhaus, Moselle. For the cream of asparagus soup with tarragon, we serve a light and fresh Riesling-Kabinett 'Herrenberg' from the Maximin-Grünhaus winery, Moselle. For the intermediate course with Alpine prawns and gyoza, we choose Riesling Pettenthal Großes Gewächs Weingut Kühling-Gillot, Rheinhessen, which goes perfectly with the prawns thanks to its fine acidity and fruity aroma. With the Flat Iron Steak and green asparagus, we serve a full-bodied red wine from Rhine-Hesse, Spätburgunder Kreuz Großes Gewächs from Weingut Kühling-Gillot, Rhinehesse. The brilliant finale, the dessert with rhubarb and raspberries is accompanied by a Spätburgunder Kreuz Großes Gewächs from the Kühling-Gillot winery, Rheinhessen.

We wish you an unforgettable evening full of enjoyment and pleasure and we hope to welcome you to our restaurant for this unique evening.

Download Moselle & Rhine Hesse dinner menu (PDF)

90 € per person
170 € per person incl. wine accompaniment

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