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Dr. Reza Homayuni

Orthodontic treatment in 20 weeks

The combination of an exclusive shopping center, such as the Ringstraße Galleries with a dental practice, is something special in Vienna. "As a dentist, I strive to provide my patients with first-rate and comprehensive dental care. With my highly motivated team, I have equipped my practice with technical equipment that corresponds to the current state of dental technology. These help to provide as pleasant and, above all, painless treatment", explains Dr. Homayuni.

In keeping with my desire to always be at the cutting edge of dental technology, I completed a specialization study in October 2018 at the International Medical College (IMC) in Germany with high distinction. The emphasis of this study was on 'Immediate Implants' and I was awarded with a 'Master of Science in Implantology and Dental Surgery'.

Tooth regulation in just 20 weeks

Knowing that time is a luxury for both the patient and the doctor, some time ago I specialized myself in the USA in 'fast braces', a new method of tooth regulation. The use of this method provides a fast, safe, and cost-effective alternative to conventional orthodontic braces. Most malpositions of teeth and jaws damage the masticatory apparatus and need to be corrected, with the person's age being irrelevant. The 'fast braces' move the teeth from the beginning to the right direction without complications. In addition, I have also developed its own transparent track which contributes to a quick treatment success and is offered exclusively at a low price in my ordination.

Tooth whitening

In addition to the orthodontic treatments mentioned above, Dr. Homayuni also offers teeth bleaching as an aesthetic method for whitening teeth. Dental bleaching, a simple and painless treatment, will make your teeth bright and attractive again.

Aesthetic crowns and inlays in one hour

To ensure comprehensive patient care, Dr. Homayuni combines years of experience with the most innovative digital dental technologies. The use of these technologies allows e. g. the creation of a digital impression of the tooth to be treated and to calculate a three-dimensional model. This model, usually a crown or inlay, is then milled out by a three-axis grinder, and can be inserted into the tooth within an hour in the same session.