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Dr. Lukas Brandner

Traumasurgeon & Kneespecialist

Dr. Lukas Brandner is traumasurgeon and kneespecialist.

He is medical director of Sportmedic and responsible for the medical care of many national and international professional athletes and teams. A team of well known specialists take care of you in the Sportmedic Center in the 1st district in Vienna.

Spectrum of medical services

  • knee (crucial ligament, meniscus, cartilage, arthrosis…)
  • shoulder (Impingement, rotator cuff, instability, SLAP…)
  • hand (nerve compression syndroms, injuries of tendons and bones…)
  • foot (hallux valgus, arthrosis…)
  • hip (arthrosis, impingement…)
  • ankle (impingement, arthrosis, instability…)
  • fractures
  • intern medicine and cardiology (heart ultrasound, EKG…)
  • traditional chinese medicine
  • shock wave therapy
  • physiotherapy and osteopathy


Dr. Lukas Brandner (knee, shoulder, fractures)
Dr. Josef Jurkowitsch (hand)
Dr. Florian Gruber (foot)
Dr.Bernhard Burian (cardiologist)
Dr. Karl Zippelius (traditional chinese medicine)
Dr. Philipp Schwarzinger (paintreatment)
Dr. Mike Harik (urology)
Dr. Matthias Geisler (shock wave therapy)