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Grand Hotel Wien launches careers page

15 November 2018

Visit to see what’s new at the Grand Hotel Wien careers-wise.

Divided into eight separate sections, the luxury hotel presents special information for potential new employees and apprentices. Personal words from the director Horst Mayer, an overview and description of all vacancies, and detailed information about the application process are available here, as well as the hotel’s special features, all its awards, all benefits employee benefits, as well as personal experiences recounted by long-serving members of staff.

For apprentices, there are two dedicated sections entitled “Training” and “Special Projects”. These provide information about apprenticeships at the Grand Hotel Wien, what training occupations can be pursued, and any other additional training offered.

Many of these vibrant photos are by star photographer Manfred Baumann. They depict employees currently working at the Grand Hotel Wien.

Renata Baskovec, Director of Human Resources: “We are very proud to say that we now have a dynamic and comprehensive careers page. The way we recruit employees has changed dramatically over the last few years. Today you yourself have to apply for employees and respond swiftly to requests for information about the employer, working environment and services. Thanks to our comprehensive careers page, we can now offer precisely this.”